KEGs – Meeting Needs of the modern church

Working evangelistically, being a “missionary disciple” (as Pope Francis often calls it), whether or not one thinks of oneself as an evangelist, is a great blessing, but you also face challenges and disappointments.  Discouragement is a real risk.

Furthermore, while we can do some evangelistic work on our own, much is best done collaboratively.

It is important to present the call to such evangelistic work, and offer basic training, to more people to try to draw them into it.

For all these reasons, meeting and working with others who share a similar vision can be crucial to ongoing and expanding evangelistic work.

Kerygma Evangelists Groups (KEGs)

It is important to support each other as evangelists and an important way of doing that is through meeting together to pray and be formed together, enriching each other by sharing our gifts and experiences. The Kerygma Project has developed a way of doing this called ‘Kerygma Evangelists Groups’, or KEGs for short.