Who Is Jesus?

Interested to find more meaning and purpose in life?

Want to find more peace?

More love?  More hope?

Confused about life? Hurting?

Not satisfied?

Want to check out Jesus?

We welcome you in a relaxed, respectful and friendly setting to participate in set of opportunities to share some food, listen to talks and explore ideas and issues that can be life changing.

Wednesday Evenings at:

St Dominic’s Church,
New Bridge Rd,
NE1 2TP.


Contact: info@thekerygmaproject.org

The Kerygma Course

TOPICS & DATES   Food from 6.30 pm    Talk at 7 pm.


25th April – 1: Does it make sense to believe in God?

2nd May –   2: What evidence is there about Jesus?

9th May –    3: What did Jesus do?

16th May –  4: Did Jesus really claim to be God?

23rd May –  5: How have people responded to Jesus?

13th June – 6: Did Jesus die for each of us?

20th June – 7: Is Jesus alive and active now?

27th June – 8: Can Jesus help me now?

 30th June – DAY AWAY

A: How close is God to us?

B: How does God guide us?

C: How does God help us pray?

D: How do we meet God in church?

4th July  –   9: Can Jesus help us experience a life of love?

11th July – 10: Does Jesus heal today?

18th July – 11: Does Jesus offer hope for the future?