Andrew Brookes OP

Andrew Brookes OP

Andrew began The Kerygma Project in Oxford, England, in 2016.

Andrew has had a strong interest in evangelisation since he was 16, and been involved in pastoral projects related to different aspects of it since that time.

He was brought up in Birmingham. After taking a Biology related degree in England, he studied as a seminarian at the Venerable English College Rome for six years.  He then worked as a teacher of RE for about 5 years in Scotland before committing himself full time and in faith to work related to evangelisation for about 8 years. He joined the Dominicans (The Order of Preachers) in 2009, a Religious Order established in 1216 for the preaching of the Gospel and the salvation of souls. They are committed to lives framed around prayer, study and fellowship all of which prepare and serve them for apostolic outreach, typically in preaching and teaching.  He is currently based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

He has degrees in science, philosophy and theology and post graduate qualifications in Pastoral Theology, Teaching and Chaplaincy Skills.

Andrew’s evangelistic work has included work speaking and delivering outreach and discipleship courses, sacramental programmes (including RCIA), Bible Studies, spiritual reflections, retreats and training sessions with local groups but also regional and national events across Britain and further afield. He has collaborated closely with Catholic Evangelisation Services and Alpha International among other organisations.  He has also worked as a mission facilitator and accompanier to evangelistic projects.  For 10 years he was the Catholic member of the UK & Ireland ecumenical ‘Mission Theology Advisory Group’, a group that undertakes reflection, research and production of resources for mission. He has written articles and also edited (& was the main contributor) of ‘The Alpha Phenomenon’ (CTBI, 2007).

A committed Catholic, Andrew has also gained much from engagement and co-operation with other Christians, and also with others including atheists and agnostics. A ‘thinking, spiritual, evangelical Catholic’ is, he thinks, a reasonably succinct summary of his approach to the Christian faith, his place within it, and his mode of living and basis for sharing it.

Andrew is passionate about forming evangelised and evangelising individuals and communities, and, with and through these, reaching out to others to help them engage effectively and fruitfully with the salvation brought by Jesus Christ.  He also cares about developing the talents and mature discipleship in all Christians, and fostering collaborative ministry.

When the opportunities present – which are rare- he enjoys hill walking, history, traditional Scottish music and the theatre.