Who Is Jesus?

Interested to find more meaning and purpose in life?

Want to find more peace?

More love?  More hope?

Confused about life? Hurting?

Not satisfied?

Want to check out Jesus?

The Who Is Jesus? Course

People are welcomed in a relaxed, respectful and friendly setting to participate in set of opportunities to share some food, listen to talks and explore ideas and issues that can be life changing.

The course runs over 12 weekly sessions, with a day away for more extended reflection in the middle. It explores the basic claims of Christianity about Jesus, and what it means to become a Christian, in the wider context of our modern lives and the issues we face.

Each session begins with hospitality, and is followed by a talk and then sharing and discussion in small groups, all within a welcoming and relaxed setting.

The course is geared towards those without faith, enabling them to gain information, explore claims, and also begin to get involved if they wish to do so. It can also help people renew or grow in existing faith.

Respect for all guests, including their beliefs, values, feelings, outlooks and freedom are a core value of the organisers.


1: Do people have beliefs and faith nowadays?

2: Does talk about God make sense?

3: What evidence is there about Jesus?

4: What did Jesus do?

5: Did Jesus really claim to be God?

6: Is Jesus alive and active now?

7: Did Jesus die for each of us?

8: Can Jesus help me now?

9: How does God meet us in church?


A: What is Christian Prayer?

B: What ways can I pray?

C: How does God guide and change us?

               (Plus opportunities to pray in various ways.)

10: Can Jesus help us experience a life of love?

11: Does Jesus offer hope for the future?

12: Can Jesus give us peace now?

Andrew Is currently delivering and further developing the course materials and talks.  Unfortunately the materials are not yet available for use elsewhere. However, if you are interested in finding out more about the course, and when it will be available, get in touch.

Some photos from the pilot Who Is Jesus Course in Newcastle Summer 2018: