What is The Kerygma Project?

Jesus sent his disciples into the world to make disciples from all the nations. The Church exists to evangelise. All Catholics are called to witness to their faith, and to share the Gospel or Kerygma, helping others to enter into the blessings of knowing God through Jesus Christ.

Yet we struggle with this task, as individuals and as local ecclesial communities of various sorts, even though God is at work drawing people to himself all the time. We could do with teaching, resources, encouragement from others, and opportunities to work together.

The Kerygma Project exists to try and make a contribution to the meeting of these needs. It aims to:

  • Help form Catholic Evangelists, especially in the work of witnessing and sharing the Gospel, and bringing people into a faith formed around it and its blessings.
  • Offer sustenance for them in that work.
  • Encourage and resource actual witness and kerygmatic proclamation.
  • Support people as they journey towards and into faith.

In short, it is concerned with the preaching of the Gospel and the salvation of souls.

The Kerygma Project is actively engaged in forming local Evangelists Groups, developing resources to train and support evangelists and also resources and activities that implement outreach evangelisation. These include ‘The Kerygma Course’ – Who is Jesus?

If you are interested in any aspect of The Kerygma Project, please get in touch.

We are also grateful for prayer support for our work.

Andrew Brookes OP