Development Plan: the Next Steps

The Past

Building on the experience, training and teaching gained from many years of doing related work in the field of evangelisation, education and formation, over the last 2 ½ years Andrew has led many sessions for people under the name and aims of The Kerygma Project.

Two local groups have been established – with interest in more.  A clear but flexible approach has evolved for these. Many resources been developed to train and sustain them as evangelists, alongside more general Christian formation.

Various outreach activities have been undertaken, some generating further resources.

A team of core collaborators has emerged and continues to grow and be shaped.  Wider support has also emerged, and also interest in the work and encouragement to develop it further.

The Present

Wider interest exists in the resources and the ways of evangelising that they embody.
We would like to be able to respond to this interest.

The intention in the next few months is to refine the existing resources and make them more generally available.
In some cases this requires more road testing. In other cases, it is more simply a matter of deciding on publication formats and finding partners / making arrangements to bring this about.

During this refinement and work towards more general publication, it will be helpful to identify and work with a few more pilot groups or individuals  (either new groups using these resources, and / or existing groups not yet known to us / evangelisation trainers) who are willing to try them out in close consultation with us and provide feedback.

While we are doing this, we also plan to build up prayer support for The Kerygma Project and for evangelisation more generally.

Build up and communicate with a contact base:

  1. people interested in using the resources when they become available.
  2. inks with organisations and individuals doing similar or related work for the sake of collaboration, and mutual support and learning.
  3. a base of intercessors to pray
  4. people to support in other ways.

(Some people may be in several or even all of these categories.)


The Future

Make the resources available, and offer training and support and mentoring in their use.  Monitor developments and respond with further training and resources as appropriate. Hopefully bring people using the resources into contact with each other to enhance learning and effectiveness (and hopefully provide encouragement and fellowship).

 For Projected Titles (based on material already in good draft form) see Resources page