Getting Involved

We are looking for and also grateful for active contribution and wider collaboration, prayer, other forms of support and general interest.

We hope and sincerely think that the range of ways of getting involved, or simply using resources in your own settings, will increase over time.

However, we are still at a relatively early stage of development, and this puts a limit on ways of contributing to the Project and also using resources at present.  Please see Development Plan to find more details and to gain a fuller understanding of what we are doing.

Nonetheless, there are ways of getting involved right now, and we also want to build up contacts with others, so we can let you know when resources become more generally available and / or other ways of helping emerge.

Linked to this we hope, soon, to set up a regular online newsletter containing reflections and updates etc.

These are the ways we have identified for people to get involved at present.  Individuals may identify with one, several or all of them. If you think of others ones – especially if they are of personal interest to you – do get in touch!


Commit to pray for The Kerygma Project and for evangelisation in general.  You probably do not help on how to do this, but we are happy to supply some prayer resources that might help, along with particular prayer requests.

Additionally, we hope to establish groups (as few as 2-3 people (Matt 18:19-20) dedicated to prayer for evangelisation; or to encourage existing prayer groups to incorporate such prayer as a significant part of their work.  If you are interested get in touch.




Sign up to be kept informed of developments.  This will hopefully include regular ‘newsletters / reflections’.


To be, or create, a pilot group willing to try out draft resources in close consultation with us and providing feedback.  Do please get in touch about this but selection for this work will be follow further discussion and prayerful discernment.

Be part of a network for exchange and collaboration and mutual support with people and groups working in same or similar fields of work.  Some previous / present experience is needed for this, but if in doubt, do get in touch anyway.



There are various other ways of supporting or making a significant contribution to our work.  We would benefit from people or organisations with specialist skills in publication and also in filming and then editing and producing video resources.

So far everything has been funded on a small scale local and voluntary basis. We are in the process of establishing the structures and account so we can receive financial support from you should wish to contribute.  Do please let us know if this is of interest to you.

If you have other ideas about ways to take part, support or even develop our work in new ways do get in touch.


Thank You!

May God bless you.

Getting Involved

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