Theological & Spiritual Values

Theological & Spiritual Values

The Kerygma Project exists to point to the Divine Revelation and Salvation brought to us by Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, and also to help offer its graces to people today.

The Kerygma Project’s teaching content, evangelistic approach and the spirituality that animates it are founded upon strong convictions concerning:

  1. The Divine Inspiration, power and beauty of the Christian Scriptures (the Bible), Scriptures ultimately focussed upon and revealing Jesus Christ.
  2. The divine presence and power operating in and through the Sacraments, and found in a climactic way in the Eucharist, powerful channels of the salvation of Christ to people today.
  3. The action, gifts, guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The power of the good example and the prayerful and loving support given to us through Christian fellowship and the communion of saints, including those who have gone before us, and most notably Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The Kerygma Project is committed to operate in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church, accepting and being guided by its teaching Magesterium and the leadership provided by the Pope and the bishops in communion with him. It also seeks to be foster respect, positive and friendly exchange, and – where possible – collaboration in evangelisation, with other Christians.

The Kerygma Project is mindful and respectful of long established ways of being church and of the recurrent renewal of these and emergence of new forms of church and mission. It is happy to work with all of these, and encourages people using its resources to do the same. Nonetheless, the local congregation is most commonly the best placed Christian body to undertake mission in its vicinity, and co-operating with them and helping them in their life and mission is important.  Respect for Christian leadership and all Christians is important and strongly encouraged.