Why and How We Encourage Prayer

Although the human activities that contribute to evangelisation are many, the chief and absolutely essential protagonist in evangelisation is God. God is constantly at work drawing people to himself. The Father sent both the Son and the Holy Spirit as part of that very plan.  What we do is a response to what God does and a co-operation with God as his instruments. Communication with God is therefore essential to evangelisation, and prayer is essential to such communication.


For these reasons praying, and encouraging others to pray, is at the heart of evangelisation. We will not be fruitful without it.


Recognising God in faith, responding to his offer in prayer of conversion is done through prayer.

Asking for and receiving his blessings is done through prayer.

Developing a close personal relationship with God is done through prayer.

Being formed as a disciple and as an evangelist requires prayer.

Imploring God for mercy on others, bringing about their conversion requires prayer.

Imploring God to protect us and others from evil requires prayer.

Imploring God to renew and equip us and others with the Holy Spirit and his gifts and to work powerfully requires prayer.


We recognise all this in The Kerygma Project.

We have developed various booklets of prayers and about prayer to foster all of the above places that prayer contributes to evangelisation.